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Mansone I

Residenza del Duca

He was the son of Sergio, who belonged to the Musco Comite dynasty. He succeeded his father in 966 and kept the rule of the government for 46 years, showing rare military and political skills. He is considered the most important ruler in the history of Amalfi.
Under his government the Amalfi Republic became rich and prosperous, ready to hold supremacy in the economic and diplomatic life of the Mediterranean area.

The Arab traveller IBN HOVQAL visited the city in 1977; here follows a description of the city as he found it: “the most prosperous Longobard town, the noblest for its origins, the most renowned for its conditions, the most rich and wealthy of all.” Mansone I had some of the most important churches of Amalfi built at his expenses, such as the new Cathedral “S. Andrea Apostolo”.